MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3

The MotoGP franchise has established itself as the definitive motorcycle racing game. Moto GP 3 has taken the thrill of the first two titles and doubled it, taking the franchise beyond the realms of Grand Prix racing through the introduction of high-adrenaline street racing in Extreme Mode.

Players can hone their skills on the streets, experiencing the carnival-like atmosphere that follows the Grand Prix Championship around the world. Extreme Mode will feature 16 new tracks, 16 new bikes, a currency system and full bike customization. The Moto GP circuit racing will include 17 original tracks and an all-new seeding system allowing players to identify other racers in their skill level while moving up the ranks.

Here are some key features of "MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3 " :

  • Fully licensed riders, tracks and bikes from the 2004 MotoGP Season 
  • All new 'Extreme' Mode featuring 16 street racing tracks and 16 street racing bikes - Full customization and upgrade system for street racing bikes 
  • 6 different game modes: Quick Race, Grand Prix Mode, Extreme Mode, Time Trial, Training Mode, Multiplayer 
  • 20 riders competing in each race (10 in Extreme mode) 
  • Online gaming through with up to 16 online players per race

  • 1Ghz Processor
  • Win98 / ME / Windows 2000 / XP
  • 128Mb Ram
  • GeForce 3 or above DirectX compatible graphics card
  • DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • 950Mb Free Hard Drive Space (installed)
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • 4x CD-Rom drive

Some PC keyboards cannot recognize certain combinations of 3 or more simultaneously pressed keys. This is an inherent problem unrelated to MotoGP URT 3.

It is highly recommended to go to your video card manufacturer's website  and download updated drivers for your card.

It is highly recommended to go to your sound card manufacturer's website and download updated drivers for your card.

Fast-User Switching is not supported by MotoGP URT 3.

Limited User accounts are not supported by MotoGP URT 3, you must have administrator access to install or uninstall MotoGP URT 3. If you are playing under a Limited User account, you must use the Run as Administrator option.

( Size : 553,688 KB )

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