Seagate Crystal Report

Crystal Reports is designed to work with your database to help you analyze and interpret important information. Crystal Reports makes it easy to create simple reports, and, it also has the comprehensive tools you need to produce complex or specialized reports.

Create any report you can imagine
Crystal Reports is designed to produce the report you want from virtually any data source. Built-in report experts guide you step by step through building reports and completing common reporting tasks. Formulas, cross-tabs, subreports, and conditional formatting help make sense of data and uncover important relationships that might otherwise be hidden. Geographic maps and graphs communicate information visually when words and numbers are simply not enough.

Extend reporting to the Web
The flexibility of Crystal Reports doesn't end with creating reports — your reports can be published in a variety of formats including Microsoft® Word and Excel, Email and even over the Web. Advanced Web reporting lets other members of your workgroup view and update shared reports inside their web browser.

Incorporate reports into applications
Application and web developers can save time and meet their users needs by integrating the report processing power of Crystal Reports into their database applications. Support for most popular development languages makes it easy to add reporting to any application.

Whether it’s the web master in IT, the promotion manager in marketing, the database administrator in finance or the CEO, Crystal Reports is a powerful tool designed to help everyone analyze and interpret the information that's important to them.

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My Facebook Formula

The Nuts and Bolts
 The internet and social media sites especially have led to the line between our social and professional lives blurring ever more with each passing day. Social media sites give people the opportunity to connect with old friends, make new ones and expand their professional network with only a few clicks, from the comfort of their own home.

Social media sites have redefined the concept of globalization, which was the „in‟ word two decades ago for large corporations. Unfortunately for the latter, the current globalization concept has allowed businesses of all sizes to tap the benefits of being present in a wide number of markets.
This is because the internet has become a business channel that is practically free and companies are no longer required to make massive investments in building an offline, local presence in whichever market they choose to expand into. In fact, why expand into a single geographical market, when one can access the world with a few clicks of the mouse?

Of course, this doesn‟t mean that it‟s easy to compete against the giants, but, after all, why take on a giant when you can still build a profitable and sustainable business that will change your life and that of future generations of your family without competing directly with the giants. 
 The one advantage you have, as a small business owner, over a large corporation is relationships. Yes, you heard right! You are more likely to spend time building relationships with your customers than any large corporation as they are mostly focused on their bottom line and ROI, overlooking strategies and tactics that may not convert into tangible results immediately. However, even the „big boys‟ are beginning to understand the value of social media sites and building relationships with their customers, which is why you need to jump on this train of opportunity before it passes you by.

What you need to understand is that the change that has and is taking place is not in the core concepts of marketing, which are more applicable than ever, but in consumer behavior. You see, social media sites have given consumers a voice of their own and they are less likely to fall for advertising campaigns that cost millions to put together. Instead of rushing out to buy a brand new, shiny product, most consumers‟ first stop is their favorite social media website to research the product in question.

For companies who simply „don‟t get‟ the social media space, this can be a killer. However, for those savvy entrepreneurs who understand the new consumer, this is a resource that can be leveraged to create an incredibly successful business.

Why You Need to Be Present
 Facebook currently has over 400 million users, making it larger than many of the world‟s nations and it is growing every day. Additionally, this social media platform‟s demographics are so diverse that it makes an ideal marketing vehicle. In fact, more than 50 percent of U.S. users are 26 years old and above, meaning that your marketing efforts will meet with even greater success as these are usually the people who make direct purchase decisions.

Likewise, many businesses are also wising-up to the necessity of integrating social media into their traditional marketing strategies, which includes Facebook. Ergo, whether you are in the B2B or B2C sector, you will still find Facebook highly effective.

However, you do need to remember that it is only a marketing tool as the principles have remained the same. In other words, identify your target market, understand their needs and wants, build a relationship with them and only then attempt to sell to them.

The key to successful social media marketing is to understand your audience and to build a relationship with them. Consumers aren‟t interested in doing business with faceless companies that hide behind a logo. Especially when they have so many other choices. So, let‟s get into the nitty gritty of marketing on Facebook and creating a brand that will have consumers running to you.

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Night Star - Alyson Noel

“You’l never beat me. You’l never win this one, Ever. It’s impossible. You can’t do it. So why waste your time?”
I narrow my gaze and peer into her face—taking in her smal , pale features, her dark cloud of hair, the absence of light in her hate-fil ed gaze.

My teeth clenched tightly, voice low and measured, I say, “Don’t be so sure. You’re running a serious risk of overestimating yourself. In fact, you are overestimating yourself. I’m one hundred percent sure of it.”
She scoffs. Loudly, derisively, the sound of it echoing throughout the large empty room, bouncing off the plank wood floors to the bare white wal s, meant to scare, or at the very least intimidate and throw me off my game.

But it won’t work.
Can’t work.

I’m too focused for that.

Al of my energy concentrated down to one single point, until everything else fades away and it’s just me, my readied fist, and Haven’s third chakra—also known as the solar plexus chakra—the home of anger, fear, hate, and the tendency toward putting too much emphasis on power, recognition, and revenge.

My gaze narrowed on its location like a bul ’s-eye, right smack dab in the center of her leather-clad torso. Knowing that one quick, wel -directed jab is al it’l take to reduce her to nothing more than a sad bit of history.
A cautionary tale of power gone wrong.


In an instant.

Leaving nothing behind but a pair of black stiletto boots and a smal pile of dust—the only real reminder that she was ever here.

Even though I never wanted it to get to this point, even though I tried to work it out, tried to reason with her, to convince her to come to her senses so we could move toward some kind of understanding—cut some kind of deal —in the end, she refused to give up.

Refused to give in. 

Refused to let go of her misguided quest for revenge. Leaving me with no choice but to kil or be kil ed. Leaving me with no doubt of how this one ends.

“You’re too weak.” She circles. Moving slowly, careful y, her gaze never once leaving mine. The stiletto heels of her boots assaulting the floor as she says, “You’re no match for me.

Never were, never wil be.” She stops and places her hands on her hips, head cocked to the side, al owing a stream of glossy dark waves to fal over her shoulder and hang wel past her waist. “You could’ve let me die months ago. You already had your chance. But you chose to give me the elixir instead. And now you regret it? Because you don’t approve of what I’ve become?” She pauses long enough to rol her eyes.

“Wel too bad. You have only yourself to blame. You’re the one who made me this way. I mean, what kind of creator kil s her own creation, anyway?”

“I may have made you an immortal, but you took it from there,” I say, the words firm, deliberate, ground out between clenched teeth, despite Damen having coached me to stay quiet, stay focused, to make it swift and clean, and not unnecessarily engage her in any way. Save your regrets for later, he said.
But the fact that we’ve found ourselves here means there is no later where Haven’s concerned. And despite what it’s come to, I’m stil determined to get to her, to reach her, before it’s too late.
“We don’t have to do this.” My gaze locks on hers, hoping to convince. “We can stop right here, right now. This doesn’t have to go any further than it already has.”

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Ebook Adsense Airways

Design student reveals hіѕ complete step-bу-step tactic tο launching super successful niche based Adsense sites fοr solid profits еνеrу single time.

Dеаr Friend, hаνе уου bееn surfing thе internet wondering hοw tο mаkе cash online? Arе уου confused іn thіѕ area whаt works аnd whаt doesn’t whеn іt comes tο succeeding іn internet-promotion? Well I’m here tο ѕау уου thаt аll οf those hυgе, bold headlines аnd hyped up sales copy уου′ve read аrе fаlѕе! Thеу claim уου саn mаkе thousands easily wіth thе push οf a button. Thе unfortunate reality easily іѕ thаt thеrе іѕ nο magic button whісh саn mаkе уου rich. Bυt thеrе іѕ a tried аnd tested tactic whісh саn mаkе уου cash…аnd I mean A LOT οf cash! Bυt thаt аlѕο requires ѕοmе work аnd inspiration οn уουr раrt. Take іt frοm mе, a web developer fοr thе past 10 years whο hаѕ bееn mаkіng a extremely respectable income using one οf thе mοѕt potent methods еνеr. It іѕ a method whісh nοt οnlу works bυt works ѕο well tο thе point whеrе people аrе financially living comfortably јυѕt bу thе υѕе οf thіѕ system. Additionally, thіѕ іѕ nο super-secret system…

Except уου’re totally unfamiliar wіth Internet Promotion, уου wіll know thаt Adsense іѕ bу far thе mοѕt potent аnd proven cash-mаkіng method around. Tο briefly sum up whаt Adsense іѕ іn case уου аrе nοt informed, уου wіll notice blocks οf advertisements located throughout several οf thе sites уου visit. Whеn visitors click thеѕе ads, іt generates income fοr thе site-title-holder. Pretty simple concept eh? imagine having tens, hundreds οr even thousands οf people clicking уουr Adsense ads! Additionally, imagine having a ton οf Adsense-based websites аll generating income fοr уου!

I don’t hаνе аnу unique know-hοw іn building οr coding websites bυt іt’s nοt аt аll аn issue ѕіnсе thеrе аrе аn іnсrеdіblе several substitutes tο build a remunerative Adsense site. Wіth a small know-hοw аnd аn apparent-сυt рlοt, уου саn activate seeing real profits frοm уουr οwn Adsense-based websites.


I’ve bееn mаkіng small sites аnd blogs fοr a couple οf years now аnd hаνе bееn mаkіng a extremely solid income јυѕt bу thе υѕе οf Adsense alone. Hοw ехсеllеnt dοеѕ іt feel tο nοt hаνе tο worry іn thіѕ area c.card bills аnd οthеr expenses? I’d ѕау іt’s a mighty burden lifted аll due tο Adsense. Aѕ mentioned earlier, thеrе аrе people whο live οff thеіr Adsense earnings alone аnd уου саn dο thе same. Whether уου select tο commit a full-time Adsense business οr раrt-time business, thе possibilities аrе never-finishing. Thаt’s thе beauty οf thіѕ amazingly remunerative system!

Whеn I first ѕtаrtеd mаkіng blogs аnd websites ѕοmе years back, I hаd hardly a clue іn thіѕ area hοw tο truly monetize thеm. Affiliate commissions wеrе few аnd far between аnd niches I attacked, without аnу real former analysis, wеrе tremendously competitive. Nοt long аftеr, I ѕtаrtеd taking a more serious аррrοасh аnd learnt several οf thе essentials whісh wеrе neccessary ѕο аѕ tο build a truly remunerative site. Things lіkе niche analysis, keyword analysis, аnd ad-placement wеrе аll equally vital іn thе creation οf a successful site аѕ I hаd learned thе hard way. Even one incorrect step сουld mean failure! I’d bе lying іf I ѕаіd thаt еνеrу site wаѕ super-successful bυt wіth mу amassed know-hοw аnd experience, I wаѕ churning out ѕοmе extremely remunerative sites. Sites whісh wеrе demanded bу several interested customers whο wеrе willing tο pay hundreds іf nοt thousands οf dollars fοr.


It’s taken mе a long time tο truly gеt a handle οn thе complexity οf Adsense. A diversity οf niches hit, a lot οf cash spent οn domains аnd hosting, countless notes produced, several tutorials learnt…suffice tο ѕау, thе road wasn’t simple bу аnу means. Mу aim wаѕ tο present аll οf mу analysis аnd material іn a manner whеrе even thе mοѕt novice οf people сουld follow without аnу dіѕtrеѕѕ. Wіth mу guide, уου аrе led еνеrу step οf thе way bу thе υѕе οf thе mastering οf Adsense! Nο stone іѕ left unturned аnd еνеrу detail іѕ fully сlаrіfіеd. I even υѕе mу οwn site tο fully prove mу methods аnd bу thе closing οf thіѕ guide, I promise уου wіll bе brimming wіth confidence аѕ уου gο out аnd activate developing уουr οwn Adsense Empire!

Master Resell Rights License

[YES] Mіght bе used fοr personal υѕе
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[YES] Mіght bе added tο paid membership sites
[YES] Edit thе sales letter аnу way уου want
[YES] Cаn sell Resale Rights
[YES] Cаn sell Master Resale Rights
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Alien Shooter 2 Reloaded

Alien Shooter 2 -Reloaded is a large-scale sequel to the first part of Alien Shooter. This is the unique alloy of arcade action and RPG elements which combines well-established world of classical games and unmatched dynamics of the first part.

Alien Shooter 2 - Reloaded is a modified version of the Alien Shooter 2 game. Sigma Team started working on it right after release of AS2, taking into account the players' wishes: Size of the full version installation file was reduced to 300 Mb, compared to 1Gb of the original Alien Shooter 2. Large installation file prevented users with slow connection from buying and downloading the game. Player upgrade parameters simplified. Now you don't need to develop separate skills for each weapon type, so you'll be able to complete the game using all the weapon types featured in it. Two new missions added. Now the game features 17 full levels. New individual shooting mode added - Gun Stand. You will use powerful military equipment to eliminate advancing enemy troops. As the game goes on, you will upgrade your weapon in different ways, and the right choice will let you win the battle! about 10,000 monsters on each map, showing up to 100 monsters simultaneously on one playing screen Arcade action combined with sophisticated RPG elements Many hours of game play with 17 missions 3 game modes: Campaign, Survive and Gun Stand And, to crown it all, dynamic music and sound effects
  • Natural phenomena (fog, rain, water)
  • A variety of playable characters, each featuring unique abilities
  • Character upgrade facility
  • More than 50 types of weapons - now you can not just kill but also burn, freeze and even diminish the enemies
  • More than 20 types of handy gadgets - from flare guns, radar and medkits to battle drones and much more
  • Red or Green blood selection
  • Highly imaginative selection of enemies
  • Reactive music which helps to drive the action

Download Alien Shooter 2 Reloaded :
==>> Part 1 <<==
==>> Part 2 <<==
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Need for Speed Most Wanted

Most Wanted, like other Need for Speed games, is essentially a driving and racing game, where the player selects one car and races against a time limit or other racers to reach a destination. Police chases have once again been integrated into certain racing sessions, in which the police employ vehicles and tactics to stop the player's car and arrest the player, like Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, and Need for Speed: Carbon. As players take control of faster cars and increasingly rely on nitrous oxide speed boosts, the oxide meter now refills automatically for the first time since its introduction in Underground, and driving sequences become fast-paced and intense similar to the Burnout series.

Three distinct regions are offered in the city of Rockport, along with cycling weather. Racing events take place between sunrise and sunset, unlike in the Underground where the events took place at night. A Grand Theft Auto-like Free Roam mode is provided as in Need for Speed: Underground 2, but is still limited to Career mode, as well as pursuit-based events in other modes.

Brand promotion from Underground 2 still continues strongly, with the removal of Best Buy, Old Spice and the entry of Burger King restaurants, Castrol oil, Axe Unlimited and Edge shaving gel. The Cingular logo is still visible in the game's wireless communication system. Performance, body and visual parts that can be bought in the game are also from real life companies.

Pursuit system
ost Wanted features pursuit evasion in the game for the first time in the series since Hot Pursuit 2. In Career mode, police pursuits may occur during a race or during free roaming through the city, depending on the frequency of the police units in the area and traffic offenses players have committed. The player can initiate a pursuit immediately from the game's safe house or menu by choosing an unfinished Milestone or a Bounty challenge. Pursuits can also be initiated by selecting an appropriate Challenge in the Challenge Series mode. Traffic offenses committed by the player are known in game as Infractions. These include speeding, excessive speeding, reckless driving, driving off roadway, damage to property, hit and run, ramming a police unit, and resisting arrest.

The system is significantly more complex than its previous Hot Pursuit incarnations. The manner in which the police handle a player is now determined by the "heat level" of the player's current car. Heat levels, which increase with the length of a police pursuit and the amount of damage caused by the player during the pursuit, add a twist to the pursuit. The higher the car's heat level, the more aggressive the police units are against the player, employing additional tactics and tools, such as roadblocks, spike strips, police helicopters and heavier and faster police cars such as police SUV's.

In Career mode, pursuits are integrated into the game in such a way that it is necessary to participate in pursuit in order to be able to challenge Blacklist racers. The player must complete Milestones which involve committing at least a specified amount of traffic offenses or pursuit lengths during a pursuit, and collecting an amount of Bounty, a form of credit accumulated as players continue to evade the police or damage police units. A car's heat level may be reduced by changing the physical appearance of a car by changing body parts or paint color, or by using another purchased car with a lower heat level to race in the streets. If a car is not being used by the player its heat level will slowly lower over time. Rap sheets, with records such as the player's infractions, cost to state, deployed tactics and pursuit lengths, are also available for viewing by hacking into police records.

Players are provided with several additional features which are useful during pursuits. The Speedbreaker, provided within the driving interface, slows down time similar to bullet time and momentarily adds weight to the player's car allowing it to become more difficult for other vehicles to push around, and induces a drift. This allows the player a limited amount of time to quickly maneuver the car out of difficult situations, or assess an escape route through a road block or spike strip blockade. Another feature in Most Wanted are Pursuit Breakers, road-side objects which are designed to collapse when a player uses their car to knock down its support, either damaging or disabling following police cars (which can be visually seen in many cases). In one example, if a player smashes through a gas station, the roof of the station falls potentially crushing police units following them In order to evade the pursuit, players must get out of the pursuing police’s line of sight. This is accomplished by getting a certain distance away from the cops or by disabling the cops. Once the player has evaded the cops they enter Cooldown mode. During this time the player must avoid being detected/seen by the police; If the player is detected while in Cooldown mode the pursuit continues. Cooldown spots, areas in the world usually not seen from the street, can be used to hide from pursuers. If the player finds a hiding spot and stops they will spend significantly less time in Cooldown mode.

Online multiplayer is available on Xbox 360, Xbox, PC and PlayStation Portable. Up to 4 players can participate in an online race and can race in 4 game modes including circuit, sprint, lap knockout and speed trap. Furthermore, there is the option to enable Performance Matching in an online race. When performance matching is enabled, all cars in the race are automatically upgraded to match the performance (i.e. top speed, handling, etc.) of the fastest car in that particular race. However, as soon as the race is over all modifications made to the cars by performance matching are removed. The online multiplayer lobby was shut down on August 1, 2011 

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