With Skype’s free software – by the way, it works seamlessly with your internet connection – you can chat away with free Skype-to-Skype calls and never worry about cost, time or distance. Share the love and get your friends to download Skype so you can talk, chat or make video calls for nothing. You can also make local, long distance andinternational calls to phones and mobiles at great rates too.

Skype is jam-packed with great features to help you stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers, share your thoughts and find the information you need.

You can use it on a computer or get Skype on your mobile so you can keep in touch on the move, whatever you’re up to. Skype works on a wide range of mobiles, plus on devices like the PlayStation Portable (PSP). There’s also a great range of WiFi andcordless phones with Skype built-in.

We all love something for nothing. With Skype’s free software – by the way, it works seamlessly with your internet connection – you can chat away with free Skype-to-Skype calls and never worry about cost, time or distance. Share the love and get your friends to download Skype so you can talk, instant message (IM) or make video calls for nothing. You can also make local, long distance and international calls to phones and mobiles at great rates too

Popular and preeminent VoIP service Skype has wooed its fair share of people with an itch to ditch the landline and an Internet connection, especially those with international contacts. With its latest update to version 5, the company hopes to win over even more customers and keeping the current ones happy. Skype 5.0 features a streamlined interface, Facebok integration, and videoconferencing functionality.

First, Skype tackled the overall user experience of the software. The new Home page integrates a feed of mood messages from your contacts and yourself, and it offers a variety of tutorials to help you use the various features of the service, from making a video call to signing up for a subscription. The company also aimed to simplify the overall interface in order to make calling, messaging, screen sharing, and file transferring more intuitive and easier to navigate. In addition, the contact search screen now features images and mood messages and offers real-time results.

Skype is also offering a new group-video-calling feature. According to company data, about 40 percent of all Skype-to-Skype minutes were used on video calling. The logical step was to provide a feature that allowed users to chat with more than just one other person. Anyone who downloads version 5 will have a chance to test out the new functionality for free, though it will be a paid extra down the line.

The videoconferencing feature offers a few viewing options. One is the typical side-by-side screen with participants lined up in equal sizes. Then there's the more interesting dynamic view, which increases the size of the person doing most of the talking at any given moment. We got to check this out in a live demo and can see how it would be particularly useful for business calls.

The group video screen also prominently displays the relevant controls along the bottom, as well as a meter that measures call quality. Skype has added a call quality manager that gauges audio and video quality during calls. Automatic call recovery is another new feature that helps users quickly reconnect calls that are interrupted because of Internet connection problems.

Last but not least, Skype now has Facebook integrated seamlessly into the interface. A tab along the top of the screen will take you into your news feed, where you can update your status as well as start Skype calls with various contacts.

Description of Skype
Skype is a VoIP application, available in both free and paid versions for Mac OS X and Windows. VoIP, which stands for "voice over Internet protocol," is a type of technology that refers to any communication taking place over a network, such as the Internet. VoIP can include instant messages, video conferencing and even fax messages sent online instead of through a telephone line. You can use Skype to communicate with friends and family or hold business conferences.

Skype Name
Regardless of whether you are using the free or paid version of Skype, you must register for a Skype name. Your Skype name is your identity on Skype and is how people will contact you through the application. To create your Skype name, click the link that appears when you open the application on your computer. Skype gives you the option to fill out your full name, location and other information in your profile so people can find you on Skype.

Instant Messaging
One of the most basic features of Skype is instant messaging and chat rooms. You can initiate free instant messages to have conversations with multiple contacts online, or invite contacts to join a chat room. Skype allows you to send and receive files to contacts directly through the instant messaging window. Skype even provides a selection of emoticons to express your feelings in your instant message. Emoticons are located in the bottom-right corner of the application window.

Audio and Video Conferencing
Skype offers free audio calls between Skype users and reduced rates on calls from your computer to regular telephone numbers anywhere in the world. To call regular telephone numbers, you must purchase Skype credit, which is available through the application. Skype also provides free one-on-one video conferencing between Skype users. A broadband Internet connection is recommended when using the audio conferencing feature and required to use the video conferencing feature.

Skype Premium and Business
Although Skype is available for free download, paid versions of Skype offer extra features. Skype Premium includes group video conferences with up to six contacts and live chat customer support, and is available for Mac and Windows. Skype Premium is available for a monthly subscription of $8.99 or a day pass for $4.99. Skype Business offer a variety of solutions for small businesses, medium business and large enterprises. As of February 2011, Skype Business is only available for Windows.
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Norton 360 Version 6.0 Premier Edition

Norton’s 360 line of protection products are designed to go well above and beyond standard antivirus software. Created to provide users with a comprehensive suite of tools they need to safeguard their machines, files and identities, this line is considered one of the company’s best.

While the standard Norton 360 version is designed for just about anyone, the Premier Edition was created for home users with slightly larger needs. Overall, Norton 360 Version 6.0 Premier is very much the same as the basic package with a noted difference – it offers beefier online backup space for a slightly higher price.

When the key technologies and features of the Premier edition are explored, it becomes clear that this version of Norton 360 is a solid protection purchase for anyone who has a lot of data to protect and a desire to do so comprehensively.

About The Key Technologies

Like the standard Norton 360 Version 6.0, the Premier Edition pulls in several crucial technologies that safeguard computers from viral attacks, performance issues and even vanilla hard drive crashes. Some of the technologies that make this programming standout with buyers includes:
  • PC tuneup
  • Local and online backup abilities
  • Antivirus, antispam, rootkit, worm and bot protections
  • A smart firewall
  • Online identity protection
  • Parental controls management
  • Pulse updates

The key technologies combine to make Norton 360 one of the most comprehensive protection packages available. This product was carefully designed to offer users a single piece of programming that could cover a number of critical bases at once.

The Features That Matter

The Norton 360 Version 6.0 Premier Edition is technically the same version of the standard package. This software offers several key features that make it stand out as an all-around good product for protecting a personal computer from a number of potential hazards.

This software is able to :
  • Help PC users tune up their machines – Keeping a PC running properly and quickly isn’t easy for the average owner. This software package makes it simpler by helping users remove files that are clogging up the works. It also assists with speeding up the boot up process.
  • Provide comprehensive, updated malware protections – The Norton 360 family of products includes very powerful antiviral protections for users. This software detects and removes viruses, spyware, bots, rootkits, worms and other potential threats.
  • Provide a backup ability – Making sure data is safe even in the event of a crash is a very important function of Norton 360. Both versions provide users with a convenient way to store files on discs, USB drives and even online on Norton’s own secured services. This is where the Premier edition, however, really shines. Rather than just offer 2GB of online storage as the standard version does, Premier Edition users can safely stow away up to 25 GB of information. This is great for a family with multiple PCs or those with a lot of memory intensive files on their hard drives, such as photographs. The online backup also provides an easy way for users to recover in the event of a crash. Even if a computer is a lost cause, the files can be safely recovered. The Norton 360 program provides for automatic backups, too, which is great for those who want new files immediately secured.
  • Make an online experience more secure – Both versions of Norton 360 are designed to help users safeguard their personal information from prying eyes. They also help make use of social media websites more secured by checking for potential threats and bad links. In regard to personal information protection, Norton 360 protects against phishing, stores passwords and user names for greater protection and more.
  • Safeguards families – Courtesy of the parental controls management features, Norton 360 users can better track online activity, lock out the use of certain websites and more.
Like the standard version of Norton 360, the Premier Edition offers users a comprehensive way to protect their machines, their information and even their family members. Premier Edition simply does so on a grander scales.

Why Buy 360 Version 6.0 Premier?
When a comprehensive, home-use protection package is desired for a computer, the Norton 360 family of products delivers the features buyers need. By helping users improve their PCs’ performance, safeguarding identity and protecting a machine from attacks, it offers just about everything a computer user might need to enjoy peace of mind. Add to this the fact it provides for an easy way to back up important files and it’s clear why Norton 360 is a popular choice.

The Premier Edition might be a more practical option for many considering the amount of automated online backup provided. Since a family photo album stored online can rapidly eat up 2GB of storage, the generous 25 GB offered with Norton 360 Premier Edition just makes more sense for the money. This product is also offered at a fairly low price for a full year of protection on up to three machines.

Norton 360 Screenshots:
Norton 360
Download :
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Cyberlink PowerDVD 12

PowerDVD has come a long way since its origins, when you needed such software to play DVDs on a Windows PC. These days it's Blu-ray playback that doesn't come as standard, and so PowerBlu-ray may be a better, if somewhat clunky title.

Even that moniker wouldn't describe what you get from PowerDVD today. The simple disc-spinning software has grown into a media playback suite with wide support for video, photo and music files. This latest version has extensive file format support, including popular container formats such a MKV, and had no problem playing any file we threw at it.

The two big new features for Blu-ray playback are support for DTS-HD 7.1 soundtracks and the ability to apply 3D upscaling to Blu-ray discs. We've seen the latter applied to DVDs and other video files before, and can't say we've been terribly impressed. Sometimes it works quite well, but it's inconsistent and this makes it very tiring to watch as your eyes struggle to make sense of what is often nonsensical. If you like to watch pick-and-mix favourite scenes from movies, something that PowerDVD encourages with its bookmarking and sharing features, then there's fun to be had here - but we doubt many will get through a whole movie using it.

The Technology Operations Centre that will control all the technology during the games

Truetheatre make its return too, providing easy to use image processing tools - at least compared to more enthusiast decoding and post-processing software such as ffdshow. There's an automatic mode that sharpens things up a little and reduces the appearance of more obvious compression artefacts. You can also tweak the settings to your own preferences, though again not to the same degree as the level of control in ffdshow. We found the default results to be pleasingly sharper and brighter in the main, though you'll barely notice it on high-quality content such as Blu-rays.

We could try and justify this by talking about Trutheatre image processing, or the pseudo 3D mode - but it's really here simply because we love Indy

The interface is straightforward enough, with locations for your content listed on the left and a big browsing and playback pane in the centre. It will pull in content from local storage, attached devices, UPnP and DLNA servers, and popular online site such as Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. You can quickly browse through media files from all these sources, download files en masse from online. It's not as powerful as a dedicated music or photo app, so there's no way to sort albums by year of release, or to tag faces in photos, for example.

It's a small point, but we were surprised to find that the PowerDVD window didn't respond to all the usual Windows 7 shortcuts for moving and maxiximsing the window - such as drag to top of screen, or Windows key and cursors to snap to screen edges. It also insisted on opening by default on the BD/DVD movie page, which is full of links to movie trailers and info, or 'Featured Celebs'. We'd much rather it defaulted to the last open folder than popped up a page of promotional content to movies we don't own.

Mainstream movie buffs may like it, but we'd rather not be presented with a load of promotional content upon opening the program

Where it shines is in dealing with video and mobile devices. You can sync any non-DRM protected file to a connected device - such as an Android phone or tablet. PowerDVD does all the hard work, recognising your device, from a database of thousands, and picking a resolution and codecs that will work best with it. In our case we took some Blu-ray quality content and it squeezed it down to 720x480 (which fitted nicely on the native 854x480 display) at 2Mbit/s using AVC video compression. The results were pretty impressive for single pass encoding, and we were more than pleased with the whole process.

Speaking of mobile devices, this Ultra version of the software comes with two bundled apps - which are then free to download from the Android Market or App store. PowerDVD remote simply lets you control your PC, and therefore PowerDVD itself, using controls on the handheld's screen. These include both media shortcuts (play, pause etc.) as well as a virtual touchpad so you can control Windows itself. Nothing very radical about the latter but having both in one app is certainly handy.

The other app is PowerDVD mobile. This is primarily a media playback app, so you can browse photos and play music, and watch video files. This all works well, though there's nothing to get excited about again. Where it really comes into its own is in pulling and pushing media to and from other devices. Using the app alone you can pretty much play any file on any device, anywhere you like. Want to play a video from your phone on your DLNA TV, then just hold down the file thumbnail and a menu appears with media players you can push the file to. Similarly you can grab files from elsewhere (such as our Blu-ray quality video test file) and stream them to your handheld device, with your PC re-encoding them in real-time.

Here's the app searching for playback devices on our network

Again none of this is revolutionary - your PC can already do this to a degree using the right-click Play to command. However, the slickness with which you can select and play files across an Android handset, Apple iPad, Windows PC and media streaming device -such as a WD TV Live - is impressive none-the-less.

PowerDVD 2012 then doesn't do anything particularly ground-breaking. However, its integration of PC software and mobile apps, along with wide file format and decent post-processing technology, makes it a one-stop-shop for media playback across your home network. However, to justify the price, you'll still have to want to play Blu-ray discs on a home PC or laptop.

If you do, then this is a good buy, though we're still amazed that such software costs more than a basic standalone Blu-ray player. We'd be interested to see how much CyberLink would charge for a fully-featured version of the software but without the Blu-ray and DVD playback parts and their ensuing license costs.

Download :
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Photodex ProShow Producer 4.52.3049

Para pemenang penghargaan Produser ProShow adalah perangkat lunak slideshow hanya dirancang untuk, dan disukai oleh para profesional, yang menciptakan menunjukkan komersial. Dengan Produser, Anda bisa melupakan keterbatasan kreatif dan menjengkelkan per disc biaya. Produser memberikan jangkauan penuh built-in tools kreatif & efek, sehingga Anda dapat membuat menakjubkan, berkualitas HD menunjukkan bahwa adalah sebagai disesuaikan seperti yang Anda ingin mereka berada, dan sharable di hampir format apapun. Produser ProShow memungkinkan Anda untuk membuat maju, presentasi karya profesional kelas yang tidak hanya emotionalize dan mengilhami pendengar tetapi juga membawa mereka ke titik penjualan. Dari pemeriksaan digital untuk high-end slide multimedia, Produser ProShow telah memperkenalkan fotografer untuk sebuah cara baru untuk menyajikan gambar mereka kepada dunia. Dengan Produser, fotografer dapat membuat presentasi slide multimedia dan output mereka untuk pilihan mereka dari 14 format yang berbeda, termasuk DVD, CD dan yang baru tambah HD Video, Flash dan QuickTime pilihan output.

Dengan set fitur pemenang penghargaan, termasuk tak terbatas foto / video layering, template acara, merek, perlindungan salinan dan built-di media authoring, ditambah semua fitur baru kreatif seperti keyframing masking, vignetting dan gerak, batas hanya untuk keberhasilan Anda adalah imajinasi Anda. Fotografer dapat menciptakan profesional-grade masterpieces slide show yang tidak hanya terlihat dipoles, tapi menunjukkan maju, high-end efek artistik sebelumnya dicapai hanya melalui menggunakan pihak ke-3 foto profesional dan software video editing.

Top Produser ProShow Fitur:

Mudah Tambahkan Foto & Video. Cukup drag dan drop foto dan video ke Daftar slide untuk menambahkannya ke acara Anda. Setiap slide dapat memiliki jumlah yang tidak terbatas lapisan yang berarti Anda dapat membuat montages foto unik, tambahkan perbatasan untuk gambar dan banyak lagi. Anda bahkan dapat mengedit klip video Anda langsung di Produser ProShow dengan menggunakan pemangkas video yang built-in. Gunakan transisi memudar ke slide berikutnya untuk efek halus.
  • Tambahkan yang tidak terbatas jumlah lapisan untuk setiap slide
  • Drag dan drop untuk dengan mudah menambahkan konten ke pertunjukan
  • Mendukung 100 + jenis file termasuk RAW
  • Transparansi dukungan untuk PSD, PNG, TIFF dan GIF file
  • Built-in klip video penghias tanaman tepat Video
Mudah digunakan Wizard. Membuat tampilan slide instan dengan built-in wizard Produser. Pilih tema, menambahkan konten Anda dan pergi! Wizard intelligentally Mixes slideshow unqiue untuk Anda hanya dalam hitungan detik, tidak ada pekerjaan tambahan yang diperlukan.
  • Tambah foto, video dan musik
  • Pilih dari beragam tema profesional
  • Sesuaikan tingkat energi acara Anda
  • Customize tema, menggunakan hanya efek yang Anda inginkan
  • Pengalaman otomatis menunjukkan penciptaan, tidak ada pekerjaan tambahan yang diperlukan
Kreatif Efek Lanjutan. Melenturkan otot-otot kreatif Anda dengan fitur yang terintegrasi seperti keyframing, Masking dan Penyesuaian Layers. Buat montages foto unik dan efek khusus secara cepat dengan Styles Slide. Produser menyediakan Anda dengan palet alat desain kreatif untuk membuat tampilan yang spektakuler.
  • Motion, Efek & keyframing Caption
  • Editor Keyframe Dedicated
  • Masking kemampuan
  • Penyesuaian Layers & Efek
Gunakan Slide Styles + Transisi untuk Efek Instan. Produser memiliki gaya geser lebih dari 250 dan lebih dari 450 transisi built-in. Gunakan pra-dibuat untuk menambahkan efek bakat kreatif untuk acara apapun. Cukup klik untuk melihat efek tersebut dan berlaku untuk setiap slide atau transisi dalam acara Anda. Anda akan mendapatkan licin, tampak profesional efek dalam sekejap. Anda juga dapat membuat, menyimpan dan menggunakan kembali gaya Anda sendiri dan transisi. Membangun sebuah perpustakaan efek atau berbagi dengan pengguna ProShow lain.
  • Satu-klik efek khusus
  • Lebih dari 250 built-in Gaya Slide
  • Membuat dan menyimpan Styles sendiri
  • Lebih dari 450 built-in Transisi
  • Membuat dan menyimpan Transitons sendiri
Mempromosikan & Lindungi Bisnis Anda. Merek produsen, watermarking dan copy fitur perlindungan yang dirancang khusus dengan kebutuhan profesional dalam pikiran. Tidak hanya Anda dapat mempromosikan bisnis Anda lebih baik tetapi Anda dapat yakin bahwa slide Anda menunjukkan dan konten asli dilindungi dari penggunaan yang tidak sah, yang memungkinkan Anda untuk memamerkan karya Anda sepenuhnya dengan persyaratan Anda.
  • Watermark slide dalam acara Anda
  • Pilihan Branding Kustom
  • CopyProtect cakram
  • Warna profil ICC untuk output kualitas yang sangat baik
HD output Kualitas. Apakah Anda sedang menciptakan konten untuk pemutaran di TV, PC atau Web, Produser hanya memberikan output kualitas terbaik. Menyediakan klien Anda dengan benar slide kualitas HD yang akan membuat Anda dan bisnis Anda kompetitif di pasar yang terus berubah. Jangan buang piksel Anda di acara definisi standar; menampilkan gambar dalam resolusi HD penuh dengan beragam Produser berkualitas tinggi pilihan output.
  • Burn ke DVD, CD & Blu-ray
  • Terpadu Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo dan Twitter upload
  • Streaming menunjukkan online dengan Flash, QuickTime atau Presenter
  • Output untuk perangkat portable * seperti iPhone, Blackberry & lebih
  • Upload dan berbagi menunjukkan online secara GRATIS di
Download :

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Game Ferrari Virtual Academy

The virtual simulator, developed in collaboration with Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Giancarlo Fisichella, as well as its engineers, enables you to experience all the sensations of driving an F10 virtually. It allows aficionados from all over the world to compete with each other on the Fiorano circuit, for the first release, and subsequently Mugello and Nürburgring. The Ferrari Virtual Academy is the only virtual simulator for PCs which faithfully reproduces the F10, the single-seater which competes in the Formula One World Championship.

The challenge of the Ferrari Virtual Academy was to create a version of the simulator used for training Scuderia Ferrari’s drivers which everyone can use on their own PC. Starting from an analysis of authentic data from the car, the aerodynamic effects, tyre characteristics and behaviour of the chassis-suspension system and engine have been reproduced, as well as all elements of the transmission. The work of the development team – 12,000 hours, 15 experts, the use of 3D graphics technology and data processing which has been used for the first time on a product of this type – was assisted by the commitment of the same Ferrari drivers, who tested the simulator personally in order to optimise its performance. The simulator faithfully reproduces the cockpit and steering wheel of the F10, thus revealing all its controls and functionality.

By studying the videos filmed by the drivers and thanks to the helmet cam, which is fitted on the helmet and therefore responds realistically to the stresses of the track and the G forces that the driver is subjected to, this very particular perspective, as complex as it is thrilling to master, has been reproduced to recreate the tension that the neck muscles are subjected to when driving a singleseater.

The dynamic modelling of the car was followed by a comparison of the real and virtual telemetric data of the F10 on circuits reproduced through laser scanning, to ensure that they corresponded. The analysis of the simulated laps, turn after turn, enabled targeted interventions to refine the dynamic behaviour and achieve a driving experience and response to controls with the utmost realism and fidelity. This was also made possible thanks to the physics engine, which, working at a frequency of 1000 Hz, calculates all the forces that act on the car every millisecond as well as their effect on the ride.

Every aficionado will be able to record their own time online, taking part in an international tournament which will reward the highest ranking virtual drivers with Ferrari products every week. At the end of the tournament, following the regulation of the competitions, the 5 drivers ranked as fastest will win a trip to Maranello, the heart of Ferrari. They will pass through the gates of Fiorano and take part in the exclusive Ferrari Driver Academy course, personally aided by the exceptional tutors of the Racing Department.

The simulator can be purchased online from the site at a price of €14.90 for the first release, the Fiorano Circuit, and €9.90 for the following releases with the Mugello and Nürburgring circuits.

Minimum compatibility requirements :
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 32/64-bit
  • Processor: XP: 1.8 GHz or higher; Vista/Seven: 2.4 GHz or higher
  • Memory: XP: 1 GB; Vista/Seven: 2 GB
  • Video Card: GeForce 6800 GT* or higher / ATI 9800 PRO* or higher
  • Space on disk: 1 GB
  • DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
  •  Internet Connection: modem/ADSL
  • Input: keyboard, mouse, joypad, joystick, steering wheel/pedals, configuration of multiple controllers with at least 2 analogue axes
  • Compatible with: Nvidia 3D Vision; Track IR Enhanced; Matrox TripleHead2Go

 Download Game Ferrari Virtual Academy
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Game Galaxy Strike

Galaxy Strike is a simple space shooting game where your objective is to blast aliens that appear, collect diamonds through 60 levels and staying alive long enough to save the galaxy! Does it hold your attention long enough… lets find out in the review.

Galaxy Strike is an easy to pick up time-waster space shooter game. Your goal is to basically stay alive by not getting shot by alien invaders and pick up blue diamonds, which boost your single pea-shooter to a triple blaster, through 60 levels of repetitive gameplay. It features Papaya mobile social network, you can match your high scores against friends and others on the network, or choose to check-in to Heyzap to let friends know what game you’re playing. To shoot, you simply tap your ship, and you move by tapping around the screen. If you get hit, you start all over to your unlock point and return to your single pea-shooter.

Now for the gripes… This game is almost pointless as there are no real goals to achieve and it’s awfully repetitive. It truly misses the basic characteristics any game must possess in order to be fun with replay value. I’ve already mentioned the lack of goals, it’s also super easy to play and beat by simply getting one blue diamonds and tapping repeatedly, about a quarter distance to the top and a three-quarters distance to the bottom of your screen to spray a barrage of infinite bullets. This virtually wipes out all aliens that may appear leaving you breezy room to snag an occasional diamond that may float past. Every now and again an enemy may get a shot off but you can easily dodge that. Not to mention when you to tap on the screen your ship just appears there versus flying there, thus, dodging enemy fire is a no-brainer as you can disappear/reappear out of line of fire. Whereas if the ship flew there it could be more challenging as you could possibly be hit. So the game does not have limits on your shooting power which force you to count your shots to really think and play. Lastly, there is not even a Pause or Menu feature to stop the action.

Fun Factor & Addictive:
 Galaxy Strike is fun for all of forty-five seconds until you realize it’s basically the same repetitive gameplay. Especially if you implore my previously mentioned tactics to play. It’s so bad, my personal challenge was to see how many levels I could beat without looking at the screen. This time-waster my friends is not if worth a waste of your time.

 The graphics are good, simple and theming is suitable of the game. However, in all the levels I could bare with there was no change in scenery.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:
 The background music is this funky upbeat primal number that is cool, but you notice the gap in the loop.

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Advanced PDF Password Remover

Advanced PDF Password Remover is a small and easy-to-use tool to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have "owner" password set, preventing the file from editing, changing, printing, selecting text and graphics and copying them into the Clipboard, or adding/changing annotations and form fields.

Also It can remove the user/open password which protects the PDF files from opening if you know the password.

Decryption is being done instantly. Decrypted files can be opened in any PDF viewer without any restrictions. All versions of Adobe Acrobat (including 9.x, which features 128-bit encryption) are supported.

Remove PDF Password instantly
  • PDF Password Remover can remove the restrictions on printing, editing, copying in seconds
  • PDF Password Remover also can remove the "user password" which protects the PDF files from opening only if you know the password in advance
  • It decrypts a 500-page encrypted PDF file within 1 minute.
  • Support PDF1.0-1.7 format, including 128-bit RC4 decryption

Efficient Decryption Modes
  • Batch decryption mode allows you to import up to 200 PDF files to the panel for decryption at one time. This decryption mode would highly improve your working efficiency when you need to remove restrictions for multiple PDF files;

Extremely easy to use
  • Remove PDF password and restrictions with just 3 simple steps: Launch C Import C Decrypt, and support drag-and-drop operation

  • Dont need any additional software, e.g.: Adobe Reader or Acrobat

Key Features:
Decryption is being done instantly
Advanced PDF Password Remover helps you to copy, print and edit restricted PDF files by removing PDF restrictions in seconds.

Remove both owner password and user password
The standard security provided by PDF consists of two different methods and two different passwords. A PDF document may be protected by password for opening ('user' password) and the document may also specify operations that should be restricted even when the document is decrypted: printing; copying text and graphics out of the document; modifying the document; and adding or modifying text notes and AcroForm fields (using 'owner' password). Advanced PDF Password Remover not only removes owner password, but also removes user/open password. But please note that the user/open password is required if you need to remove user/open password from protected PDF file. After removing the PDF passwords, you can easily view, copy, print and edit PDF files without any restrictions

Download Software :
Advanced PDF Password Remover ( size : 1,181 KB )
Crack ( size : 429 KB )
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Game Dino Crisis 2

Dino Crisis 2 is a third-person shooter meaning that the player controls characters in a third person view, yet the perspective changes with movement into new areas and fields of view as the game uses predetermined camera angles. The game also departs more from the survival horror of the first Dino Crisisand is more action-oriented, with more open areas, more items and less emphasis on puzzles.

As players kill dinosaurs in succession, countering attacks and avoiding damage in areas, they can earn "Extinction Points" that act as a form of in-game currency that tally up as player moves between locations. Throughout the game the player can locate and use computer stations that act as save point where players can save and load games, along with spending Extinction Points on new weapons, upgrades, health packs and ammunition. There are also bandages that are used to prevent bleeding that occur when a player takes damage from certain attacks that results in slow draining of the health bar.There are two forms of weapons in the game, main and sub-weapons, meaning the player can only equip one of each at a time. Main weapons provide the most damage and are used for the majority of attacks, for example shotguns, flamethrowers and rifles whereas sub-weapons are used to get past obstacles, like the machete for cutting plant vines and the firewall gun that creates a temporary wall of fire against foes. Over the course of the game, players will switch roles between Regina and Dylan, who have different weapons, making some passages blocked for one but accessible for the other.

Among the third person shooter gameplay are sections of on rails shooting, such as a chase where the player shoots at dinosaurs that are chasing an automatically driven vehicle and, like the previous game, several puzzles. Throughout the game, the player finds data files and documents that progress the story and give details of certain areas. Hidden "Dino Files" can also be found; these go into detail about each dinosaur in the game. Upon collecting all the available Dino Files, the player is granted unlimited ammunition for weapons on the next play through.
Extra Crisis
Upon completion of the main game, there is an unlockable mode known as Extra Crisis with two gameplay modes: "Dino Colosseum" and "Dino Duel". Colosseum is a survival mode where a chosen character with their own pre-set weapons fight off series of attacks by certain dinosaurs, the larger and more deadly being the latter. Upon completion the player is graded and awarded a trophy on how well they performed. Dino Duel is a mode that allows the player to take control of a dinosaur and battle another in the style of a fighting game. Completion of the game on harder difficulties allows more characters and dinosaurs to become available for purchase, using the final Extinction Points gathered from that play through. Dinosaurs can also be used in Dino Colosseum, however, must be unlocked by completing the game in normal or hard mode.

The two main protagonists of the game are 1st Lieutenant Dylan Morton and Regina, with Dylan being new to the series and Regina reprising her role after the events of the first Dino Crisis. Dylan is aTactical Reconnaissance and Acquisition Team (TRAT) commando who’s been sent back in time with the rest of the team in what was originally supposed to be a search and rescue mission.
TRAT is an off record covert team of shady characters who were recruited from the army special forces. They focus on subversive activities like Terrorism, Jailbreaks, Assassination and Insurgency.

Another prominent character is another TRAT member, David Fork. At the start he is separated from Regina and Dylan after enraging a Tyrannosaurus he shot with a rocket launcher but later saves them at Edward City from Velociraptors in an attack helicopter. Another recurring character is Paula, a teenage girl who is a part of the mysterious syndicate who are hostile to the main characters.

The last crucial character of the game is Colonel Dylan Morton. The future Dylan has a very important role in the game, tying the whole story together and revealing the plot. Colonel Dylan tells Lieutenant Dylan to use the time gate to take the surviving children back and prevent them from making the mistake of trying to coexist with dinosaurs.

 Throughout the game, the protagonists encounter various dinosaurs that inhabit the whole jungle region, along with its waters and skies. Those that appear frequently include Velociraptor, Allosaurus, Oviraptor, Pteranodon, and Inostrancevia. Mosasaurus and Plesiosaurus also appear as a common enemy yet only during the Third Energy Facility level, most of which is underwater. Others like Compsognathus however act towards the game's puzzle aspect such as a segment where it steals the player's key card and Triceratops that appear in one of the on-rails shooting sections of the game.

Among the recurring human characters, a number of dinosaurs also appear multiple times in the story. The first is the Tyrannosaurus Rex who attacks the main camp at the start of the game before having an eye shot out with a rocket launcher by David. It follows the team, appearing both on the first jungle island in a few instances and again in Edward City, which sits across a very large lake. Another recurring dinosaur is the Giganotosaurus, which is shown to be abnormally large and powerful (perhaps to make it seem more impressive or possibly a mutation). It is first encountered at the missile silo where it battles and quickly disposes of the T. Rex and is seemingly killed by Regina in the missile silo. Later, it mysteriously reappears inside a secret research facility as the game’s final boss where Dylan must keep it from killing him while he activates a laser from a satellite which obliterates it.

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Balloon Express Game

In 'Balloon Express', you'll join Amelia across the globe with her hot air balloon to deliver mails and packages to the most wondrous and exotic places in the world. Help Amelia build her own unique delivery business and find out why she had to take this journey. You'll be soaring over landscapes of villages, woods, ancient ruin and exotic city all over the world. Checking each house that come in view and sending the right kind of delivery to that house. You can also try the fun and addictive puzzle mode where your keen eyes help you match the mails and packages before time runs out. You will be pitted against your own limits!

You familiar with the term "going postal"? It's the maddening frustration that reportedly affects postal workers and sets them off, sometimes with deadly results. We imagine it's something like having to deliver mail by high-flying hot air balloons over and over and over and ...

OK, so maybe it sounds like fun at first. You're floating over the lovely scrolling Irish countryside, clicking on houses to learn what you need to deliver, and if you slide the correct package down your delivery rope, you get all sorts of goodies -- like cash and smiley icons. And if you do it quickly enough, you're rewarded with a shiny red "tip balloon" or two which can be popped for extra cash. There's even an "auto helper" to assist you with automatic deliveries. Cool!

At the end of each level, you're rated for sent packages, mismatched packages, and missed deliveries. If you meet your goal -- and at this slo-mo stage of the game, there's no excuse not to -- it's on to day two in Ireland.

Along the way, you encounter friendly, waving citizens who will surprise you with factoids about Ireland. Hey, bet you had no idea that the Vikings founded Dublin? Who knew?

Soon you can use the smiley icons you've collected to reveal more quickly what you need to bring to each house, which means even more "tip balloons" for those express deliveries you're making.

Other rewards come in the form of upgrades to your balloon -- like extra rope for delivering more than one package at a time and speedier balloons for, well, speedier deliveries.

But -- uh-oh -- there are storm clouds on the horizon and your balloon is heading right into them. The wind isn't always blowing the way you need to go, there are now additional kinds of packages other than just the two you started with, and there's that theme song that loops around and around inside your head until ... but, wait, it gets worse.

By day 11, you've left Ireland, arrived in Egypt, and -- for some strange reason -- the local residents are greeting you with a hearty "Shalom," making you think that perhaps you took a wrong turn back at the Rock of Gibraltar and maybe you're in Tel Aviv instead. Here, the lovely green Irish landscape has turned into nasty desert sand, the winds are whipping you past homes where you're missing deliveries right and left, and by day 19, the meaning of "going postal" became all too clear to us. It had transformed into a completely different game -- repetitive, frustrating, with that maddening, never-changing theme song still refusing to end.

But all was not lost. You can shut down "story mode" and launch into "puzzle mode" which is practically an entirely different game. As your hot-air balloon floats over a non-scrolling screen, you encounter groupings of three houses, each with a different inventory item. By picking up a mismatched object, floating over to another grouping, and dropping it off, you aim to create three identical inventory items which vanish. And then it's on to do more of the same. You score points for each triplicate and your goal is to beat your previous high score before time runs out.

This was a nice change-of-pace from the frantic "story mode," as it started out slow, simple, and rather relaxing. But it, too, became hectic as the clock ticked down and we decided we'd had enough.

There's a lot that's deceiving about both modes of play. Newcomers will appreciate the easy-does-it method of instruction that is revealed in bits and pieces as play progresses. And there's nothing simpler than the gameplay mechanics; everything is controlled with one click of the mouse -- balloon navigation, the choice of what to deliver, and the deliveries themselves.

But while there's plenty of game for your money -- two modes of play and 60 levels of "story mode" -- the chances of a player actually making it past Egypt to the four additional countries are slim. While challenges of this sort usually spur us on to keep at it, there's just so much mouse-clicking you can handle before it is no longer fun and you feel it's time to hang up your mailbag and skedaddle. Just stamp our undelivered inventory "return to sender, address unknown."

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Flash Professional 8

It’s hard to believe that Flash began life just ten years ago as FutureSplash, a simple cartoon-style vector drawing and animation program. Since those early days Macromedia has grafted on advanced multimedia and programming capabilities to turn Flash, and its all-pervasive player, into an all-encompassing web platform. Now to reinforce the program’s development credentials, Macromedia has phased out the old standard Flash and replaced it with a new version of the previously high-end, programmer-oriented Flash Professional.

After a decade of constant reinvention, today’s Flash Professional is largely unrecognizable but FutureSplash still lives on in the program’s bizarre approach to the fundamental task of drawing. Overlay two identically coloured objects, for example, and they merge together; overlay differently coloured objects and the top one eats a hole out of the one underneath! In skilled hands, the system can be surprisingly efficient, but for most users it’s an initial stumbling block and a constant irritation. Now at last the nightmare is over with the introduction of a new optional Object Drawing mode in which objects in Flash finally behave in the same way that they do in all other drawing applications.

In fact Flash 8 Professional’s vector drawing power has been enhanced all round to bring it more into line with the likes of Freehand and Illustrator. Using the Properties Panel, for example, you can now control end caps, mitres and joins. There’s also a Stroke Hinting option which ensures that nodes are anchored on full pixels ensuring razor-sharp horizontal and vertical lines. Gradient handling has also been seriously overhauled enabling up to 16 colours to be mixed with full control over overflow modes and focal points. Gradients can also now be applied to strokes as well as to fills.

Gradients are a crucial weapon in the Flash designer’s formatting toolkit, but they pale in comparison to Flash 8’s new support for blend modes. If you convert your objects to a movie clip or button (though not a graphic symbol for some reason) you can now apply one of 12 new blend modes - multiply, screen, lighten, darken, difference, invert, add, subtract, alpha, and erase – that control how the object’s colours interact with those below it. The compositional creativity this opens up is enormous, especially when combined with animations and run-time scripting.

Flash Professional 8 offers improved graphics handling.

And blend modes are only one of a whole new range of graphical effects that can now be applied to your movie clips and buttons. Using the new Filters tab on the Properties Panel you can add bevel, drop shadow, glow, blur, gradient glow, gradient blur, and adjust color effects – ideal for quickly creating Fireworks-style effects such as a bevelled button with rollover glow. The control offered over each effect is impressive and you can always fine-tune parameters as desired, and also animate them to produce effects such as a drop shadow moving in response to an apparent light source. Best of all, the effects processing is left to the Flash 8 Player so file size is hardly affected offering a major leap in end impact at little cost.

Gradients are a crucial weapon in the Flash designer’s formatting toolkit, but they pale in comparison to Flash 8’s new support for blend modes. If you convert your objects to a movie clip or button (though not a graphic symbol for some reason) you can now apply one of 12 new blend modes - multiply, screen, lighten, darken, difference, invert, add, subtract, alpha, and erase – that control how the object’s colours interact with those below it. The compositional creativity this opens up is enormous, especially when combined with animations and run-time scripting.

Flash Professional 8 offers improved graphics handling.
And blend modes are only one of a whole new range of graphical effects that can now be applied to your movie clips and buttons. Using the new Filters tab on the Properties Panel you can add bevel, drop shadow, glow, blur, gradient glow, gradient blur, and adjust color effects – ideal for quickly creating Fireworks-style effects such as a bevelled button with rollover glow. The control offered over each effect is impressive and you can always fine-tune parameters as desired, and also animate them to produce effects such as a drop shadow moving in response to an apparent light source. Best of all, the effects processing is left to the Flash 8 Player so file size is hardly affected offering a major leap in end impact at little cost.

Onscreen text quality has been significantly enhanced.

As well as improved graphics and text handling, Flash 8 Professional sees a major advance in terms of animation. As with its core drawing capabilities, Flash’s animation has been left largely unchanged since the old FutureSplash days relying on an awkward and underpowered system of keyframes and tweens. At first sight the new graph-based Custom Ease In / Ease Out dialog doesn’t look like it will change this situation much, offering little more than the ability to visually control the speed of tweens.

In fact by graphing the degree of motion over time you can visually and intuitively control advanced animation effects, say producing a realistically bouncing ball coming to rest. Previously this would have involved multiple keyframes and tweens and would have been a nightmare to edit; now it can all be handled intuitively with a single tween. Even better, you can independently control the tweening of position, rotation, scale, color, and filter parameters. And the icing on the cake is the ability to preview the effect of changes live onscreen.

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