Need for Speed Underground 2

Repeated the old games that need for speed underground 2

The player starts straight into the action, at a circuit race driving a uniquely styled Honda Integra Type R with wide body kit, easily winning over his opponents...only to be woken up by Samantha from his daydreaming.

Samantha is the player's friend in the new country; she shows the player how the console with the races works, who's who, and makes fun of the player's car. Eddie (and his orange-metallic Nissan Skyline R34), is the leader of the Eastsiders and current top racer of the streets, and Melissa is his girlfriend.

Time passes, races are won. The player meets other racers, and eventually gathers a small list of nemeses that continually challenge him and are defeated. He's introduced to TJ, who promises unique vehicle upgrades in exchange of beating time trial challenges; Samantha does the same from time to time, offering unique visual modifications instead.

The player's successive victories don't impress Eddie. First, he mocks the player's skill, saying he has a long way to go to 'roll his streets'. Later in the game, the player builds enough hype to be too hard to ignore, so Eddie challenges him to beat Samantha in a sprint race before coming after him; the player's willingness in going for it infuriates her. Samantha totals her Civic's engine trying to beat the player, unsuccessfully. TJ takes the junked car for himself after the event.

When the player comes close to reaching #1 in all kinds of races, Eddie tries to once again get rid of his rival. Around the same time, the Player sees TJ in Samantha's recovered car, now working again, but has been vandalized. Both run a circuit race worth the other's vehicle, which the player wins. The player returns the car to Samantha to make amends, and she gives the player a choice of a wide body kit for his car.

Right after the touching moment, Eddie challenges the player and loses, like everyone else who ever challenged the player so far. Before any victory can be sung, a mysterious, legendary silver Nissan 350Z challenges the player for a last run through the Market Street circuit. A challenger who, after being beaten by the player, is revealed to be Eddie's girlfriend, Melissa.

That event solidifies the player's status as the new best underground racer in the city.

Circuit is a standard race that involves racing with up to four opponents' cars around a loop track for one lap or more, and is the main mode of the game. For about the last 4 races of underground mode, the number of players decreases to only 1 rival, and the number of laps reach up to seven (Endurance Race)

Knockout Mode is similar to previous Need for Speed titles, involves "knocking out" the last racer who passes the starting line in each lap until the final leader of the race remains, and wins the race. In the case ofUnderground, Knockout sessions have a maximum of three laps for four racers.

Sprint mode is a variation on the Circuit mode, where the contestants race in a point-to-point track instead of loop tracks. These races are typically shorter than "circuits" (with a maximum of 8 km in length), so players are required to be more cautious of any mistakes during racing.

Drifting is the most challenging and technical aspect of the game. Drifting is when during a race you intentionally slide around a corner at high speeds. Drift mode consists of one player in a short loop track, where the objective is to collect as many points as possible by drifting along the track. The player competes with three other contestants, who appear to accumulate scores along with the player during the drift session. The player would be required to beat these scores in order to obtain top positions.

Bonuses are awarded for players who drift in the outer borders of the track, drift vertically, or perform chained-drifting (continuous drifting by constantly steering the vehicle during drifts to maintain speed); if the player succeeds in ending a drift without collisions onto the sides of the track, the collected points are added into the score, otherwise, the collected points are cancelled.

Drift mode is the only type of racing where time taken to complete the track does not matter, since players are given the freedom to complete the allocated number laps at their own pace. This may explain the absence of nitrous oxide in this mode, since it serves no apparent purpose in this situation.

Drag racing is the second most technical form of race in the game. It involves racing against one or three cars on typically straight tracks, and attempting to obtain top positions to win. In order to master Drag mode, players must employ good timing and reflexes for gear shifting, redlining, overtaking, and the use of nitrous oxide boosts;Because the player is going to put the engine to its limits the mode places particular emphasis in monitoring the tachometer during races, which is enlarged and situated on the leftmost portion of the screen. Steering in this mode is simplified to simply allow for lane changes, while the computer handles the steering along the lanes, and the player focuses more on maintaining an optimum speed for the car.

Two conditions will result in players being forfeited during a drag race: head-on collisions with an opponent, barriers, traffic cars or dividers (being 'Totaled'); or blown engines as a result from prolonged redlining and the subsequent overheating of the engine.

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Superbike racing games

SuperBike Racing is the complete motorcycle-racing package brought straight into your home. This is true simulation software where the detail is phenomenal. Now you can tinker and tweak the performance of your bike without worrying about oil on the carpet! 

These superbike racing games are very challenging because they are practically made up of several levels all in one… You need to pass all of these to get to the end and become the champion. From all of these games you can try and play Need For Adventure! This wonderful game can offer you some adrenalin and a little bit of on edge fun…

So, if you are looking to play some superbike racing games this is a very good game to start with… Need For Adventure is not a boring game that can put you to sleep but a game which you can play for a very long time because you will have only one level made up by several smaller ones that harden as you advance.

By using the arrow keys you can easily drive the bikes from these superbike racing games, but be careful not to tip over because you will loose! When you are feeling instable when you play chopper games you can use the side arrows to stabilize the bike and if you are vigilant enough everything will be fine!

  • Race on any of 9 highly detailed racing circuits
  • Compete against up to 23 computer controlled motorcycles
  • Split screen mode for head-to-head racing against another player
  • Full workshop allowing complete control of the motorcycle's setup
  • Real world race conditions including wet weather
  • 6 different difficulty levels, from Novice to Ace
  • Trainer mode for fast learning of the tracks
  • Customisable controls with keyboard, joystick, racing wheel or mouse
  • Help modes with autobraking and steering assistance for the novice rider
  • Practice, Single Race and Championship gameplay modes
  • Multiple camera views including on-bike and TV Camera

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USB Safely Remove Full

USB Safely Remove is a USB device manager. It saves time and extends user abilities on active work with flash-drives, portable drives, card readers and other gadgets.
It saves time... 

Displaying what prevents a device from being stopped 
Safe removal via hotkeys 

Lets you recognize a device in a snap... 

The handy menu with device icons 
Real device names and the ability to rename them 
Feature to hide devices to prevent them from being stopped 

Extends your hot-plug opportunities... 

Program autorun on device connection\disconnection 
Command line for safe removal 

Does unique things! 

Hiding drives of empty card reader slots 
Card reader memory cards ejection one-by-one 
Returning back a device just stopped!

Another USB Safely Remove feature that distinguishes it from similarsoftware is starting any applications not only after connecting a device, but also before removing it. The autorun feature allows you to set up data backup before disconnecting a removable hard drive, to run Total Commander with the contents of the pen-drive, automatically unmount an encrypted TrueCrypt drive before disconnecting the USB media

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MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3

The MotoGP franchise has established itself as the definitive motorcycle racing game. Moto GP 3 has taken the thrill of the first two titles and doubled it, taking the franchise beyond the realms of Grand Prix racing through the introduction of high-adrenaline street racing in Extreme Mode.

Players can hone their skills on the streets, experiencing the carnival-like atmosphere that follows the Grand Prix Championship around the world. Extreme Mode will feature 16 new tracks, 16 new bikes, a currency system and full bike customization. The Moto GP circuit racing will include 17 original tracks and an all-new seeding system allowing players to identify other racers in their skill level while moving up the ranks.

Here are some key features of "MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3 " :

  • Fully licensed riders, tracks and bikes from the 2004 MotoGP Season 
  • All new 'Extreme' Mode featuring 16 street racing tracks and 16 street racing bikes - Full customization and upgrade system for street racing bikes 
  • 6 different game modes: Quick Race, Grand Prix Mode, Extreme Mode, Time Trial, Training Mode, Multiplayer 
  • 20 riders competing in each race (10 in Extreme mode) 
  • Online gaming through with up to 16 online players per race

  • 1Ghz Processor
  • Win98 / ME / Windows 2000 / XP
  • 128Mb Ram
  • GeForce 3 or above DirectX compatible graphics card
  • DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • 950Mb Free Hard Drive Space (installed)
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • 4x CD-Rom drive

Some PC keyboards cannot recognize certain combinations of 3 or more simultaneously pressed keys. This is an inherent problem unrelated to MotoGP URT 3.

It is highly recommended to go to your video card manufacturer's website  and download updated drivers for your card.

It is highly recommended to go to your sound card manufacturer's website and download updated drivers for your card.

Fast-User Switching is not supported by MotoGP URT 3.

Limited User accounts are not supported by MotoGP URT 3, you must have administrator access to install or uninstall MotoGP URT 3. If you are playing under a Limited User account, you must use the Run as Administrator option.

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Game Dragon Ball Z Mugen

Dragon Ball Z Mugen Edition is a fight game with a great drawings definition in 2D format which is based on the famous Dragon Ball series.

You will be able to play in four different modes: “Arcade“, against another person, team battles and training. Also, you will have the option to choose the level of difficulty, which will encourage your competition spirit.

One of its advantages is to be able to choose between 27 characters, 4 of which are secret. In this way, you will not fall in the routine of the same type of struggle in every battle.

The history of Dragon Ball Z Mugen Edition develops from a tragic event that happens on the Earth, which remains divided due to the darkness. You will have to fight to be able to bring the peace to the Planet and assure its survival. To do so, you will be provided with the help of Goku and all his friends. What are you waiting for to begin this adventure?

Download Game Dragon Ball Z Mugen

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Game Beach Soccer Portable

Beach soccer, also known as beach football or beasal, is a variant of association footballplayed on a beach or some form of sand. The game emphasises skill, agility and shooting at goal.

Whilst association football has been played informally on beaches for many years, the introduction of beach football was an attempt to codify rules for the game. This was done in 1992 by the founders of Beach Soccer Worldwide, a company set up to develop the sport and responsible for the majority of its tournaments to this day. This was a major foundation for what is now known as beach football and what has led to the sport rapidly growing in popularity.

The irregularity of the soft-sand playing surface leads to a totally different style of play than is used in association football, with a greater degree of improvisation. The compact pitch, much smaller than a normal association football pitch, allows players to score from anywhere on the sand, leading to an average of sixty attempts at goal in a single game. With an average of scoring rate of one goal every three or four minutes, around eleven goals are scored in total per game.

Beach Soccer (Beasal) started in Brazil, more precisely at Leme beach, Rio de Janeiro, and has grown to be an international game. The participation of internationally renowned players such as flamboyant Frenchman Eric Cantona, legendary Spanish strikers Michel and Julio Salinas and Brazilian stars such as Romário, Júnior and Zico has helped to expand television coverage to large audiences in over 170 countries worldwide, making Beach Soccer one of the fastest growing professional sports in the world and converting it into a major showcase for international commercial opportunity.

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Game Battle Realms Full

Battle Realms follows the basic formula for many real-time strategy games. All of its factions have similar buildings with similar uses and workers. However, unlike in most real-time strategy games, the peasant worker unit is not just used for resource gathering and construction, but also for training into military units. Thus, military buildings in Battle Realms are not used for making units, but for transforming and upgrading them. Peasants gather the two resources in the game: rice and water. They also round up horses, which can be used to enhance military units in the game and can be outfitted as pack horses for peasants. Only one type of builder unit is required.

Peasants are the only units the player can produce outright. Most of the buildings available are training structures where peasants are trained into numerous other units. All the factions start off with 3 basic central training structures, which produce units along different paths of warfare, such as melee or ranged combat. In most cases, units can be trained at up to 3 structures to produce higher tiers of infantry.

Another difference in unit generation is that peasants are produced automatically, at no cost. However, the rate at which new peasants are produced is inversely proportional to the current population of the player's army.

Certain buildings can teach special techniques, or Battle Gears (commonly abbreviated to BGs), to units to improve their combat ability for a certain resource cost. This can allow units to defeat higher tier units they would normally struggle with or be defeated by. BGs also allow the player to further define the role a unit will play in a combat situation, such as damage absorption, building destruction, or reconnaissance.

One of the key elements of Battle Realms is the Yin/Yang system. Each army obtains points of Yin or Yang when in combat, depending on their moral alliance to the forces of light or darkness. The Battle Realms hero units, or Zen Masters, require Yin/Yang to be summoned and to improve their damage. Yin and Yang are also used at structures in the faction's base for military upgrades. The rate of Yin/Yang growth depends on the military strength and flair of the army and how far they are from the main base.

There are four available clans in Battle Realms, and each have a different philosophy towards life and combat. The Dragon clan favours honourable and valourous combat, while its offshoot, the Serpent clan, uses stealth, trickery and brutality to further its goals. The Lotus clan is an ancient group of sorcerers that delves deeply into the corrupting aspects of magic. The Wolf clan is a race of formerly enslaved miners. Their clan members live basic, healthy lives.

Unlike in most strategy games, all units in Battle Realms have a melee attack. However, missile units typically have drastically weaker melee attacks. Units are very detailed and have distinct fighting animations. Units can dodge projectiles if they run fast enough, and projectiles have different speeds and fire at certain angles.

A unit's attack has a property - either cutting, piercing, blunt, explosive, magic, or fire, as well as a bonus damage against buildings. The property of a unit's missile attack may also differ from its melee attack. Most units have resistances to particular properties, and weaknesses to others. For example, the Dragon Samurai has excellent resistance against cutting attacks, but a poor resistance to explosive and magic damage.

In singleplayer, the plot mainly revolves around Kenji, last heir to the Serpent's Throne. When he returns from exile, Kenji comes across bandits raiding a peasant village. He can choose to either kill the bandits and save the peasants, or, he can side with the bandits and kill the peasants. If he chooses to save the peasants, he will follow the path of the Dragon clan. If he aids the bandits, he will follow the path of the Serpent clan.

In Kenji's Journey, the player may choose which territories he or she wishes to attack first. Kenji returns from Malcomson. He must decide whether to rebirth the Dragon Clan and save the peasants honor with righteousness or take up reigns in his brother and his father, Lord Oja's footsteps and lead the Serpent Clan. Taking specific territories might give benefits, and other Zen Masters may join Kenji. Later on, the player can summon these Zen Masters from the Keep. The Story focuses on an artifact Called Tarrant's Orb/Orb of the Serpent which Kenji and the NPC Clans, The Wolf and Lotus Clans are seeking out. Kenji must get it before them.

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Dragon Ball Arcade Game

Many people know the cartoon called ‘Dragon Ball Z’. This film shows the adventures of young Son Goku and his friends. They have to fight with many opponents and destroy their biggest enemy. Dragon Ball Arcade is the game in which a player can control the main character of this cartoon in his fight against the evil forces. The story in this game is similar to the plot of the cartoon. Son Goku is a young boy with the monkey’s tail. He wants to find magic dragon balls that will comply with his requests. He will meet many friends and opponents on his way. The biggest opponent is Pilaf. 

Son Goku and his friends will have to face many opponents on their way and they have to defeat them to achieve their goal. That was the main plot of all films and games from the Dragon Ball series. In Dragon Ball Arcade, the young main character during his journey on the cloud will meet the army of robots created by Pilaf. He will have to fight with them alone, because the rest of his friends are taking a sunbath on holidays far away from the main hero. Fortunately, our alone hero will have the possibility to use many different bonuses that will help him to achieve his goal. He will also be able to upgrade his weapon, so it will be more effective in the battle against the army of evil robots. 

Thanks to these elements, the game will be easier and we will be able to get as many points as we can. It is very easy to control our character, because we only have to use a few keys on our keyboard. The installation process is also very simple. We do not need to have a lot of free space on our computer’s hard drive. The graphic and music are very good. The game can be very addictive and every player will spend many hours of fun with Dragon Ball Arcade. There are many locations from which we are able to get this game. It is totally free and we can download it directly from the producer’s website and from other websites associated with the Dragon Ball series. We can find other interesting game from Dragon Ball series on these sites. They also contain some useful information like codes, tips, walkthroughs that will help us to pass the game without problems.

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