Norton 360 Version 6.0 Premier Edition

Norton’s 360 line of protection products are designed to go well above and beyond standard antivirus software. Created to provide users with a comprehensive suite of tools they need to safeguard their machines, files and identities, this line is considered one of the company’s best.

While the standard Norton 360 version is designed for just about anyone, the Premier Edition was created for home users with slightly larger needs. Overall, Norton 360 Version 6.0 Premier is very much the same as the basic package with a noted difference – it offers beefier online backup space for a slightly higher price.

When the key technologies and features of the Premier edition are explored, it becomes clear that this version of Norton 360 is a solid protection purchase for anyone who has a lot of data to protect and a desire to do so comprehensively.

About The Key Technologies

Like the standard Norton 360 Version 6.0, the Premier Edition pulls in several crucial technologies that safeguard computers from viral attacks, performance issues and even vanilla hard drive crashes. Some of the technologies that make this programming standout with buyers includes:
  • PC tuneup
  • Local and online backup abilities
  • Antivirus, antispam, rootkit, worm and bot protections
  • A smart firewall
  • Online identity protection
  • Parental controls management
  • Pulse updates

The key technologies combine to make Norton 360 one of the most comprehensive protection packages available. This product was carefully designed to offer users a single piece of programming that could cover a number of critical bases at once.

The Features That Matter

The Norton 360 Version 6.0 Premier Edition is technically the same version of the standard package. This software offers several key features that make it stand out as an all-around good product for protecting a personal computer from a number of potential hazards.

This software is able to :
  • Help PC users tune up their machines – Keeping a PC running properly and quickly isn’t easy for the average owner. This software package makes it simpler by helping users remove files that are clogging up the works. It also assists with speeding up the boot up process.
  • Provide comprehensive, updated malware protections – The Norton 360 family of products includes very powerful antiviral protections for users. This software detects and removes viruses, spyware, bots, rootkits, worms and other potential threats.
  • Provide a backup ability – Making sure data is safe even in the event of a crash is a very important function of Norton 360. Both versions provide users with a convenient way to store files on discs, USB drives and even online on Norton’s own secured services. This is where the Premier edition, however, really shines. Rather than just offer 2GB of online storage as the standard version does, Premier Edition users can safely stow away up to 25 GB of information. This is great for a family with multiple PCs or those with a lot of memory intensive files on their hard drives, such as photographs. The online backup also provides an easy way for users to recover in the event of a crash. Even if a computer is a lost cause, the files can be safely recovered. The Norton 360 program provides for automatic backups, too, which is great for those who want new files immediately secured.
  • Make an online experience more secure – Both versions of Norton 360 are designed to help users safeguard their personal information from prying eyes. They also help make use of social media websites more secured by checking for potential threats and bad links. In regard to personal information protection, Norton 360 protects against phishing, stores passwords and user names for greater protection and more.
  • Safeguards families – Courtesy of the parental controls management features, Norton 360 users can better track online activity, lock out the use of certain websites and more.
Like the standard version of Norton 360, the Premier Edition offers users a comprehensive way to protect their machines, their information and even their family members. Premier Edition simply does so on a grander scales.

Why Buy 360 Version 6.0 Premier?
When a comprehensive, home-use protection package is desired for a computer, the Norton 360 family of products delivers the features buyers need. By helping users improve their PCs’ performance, safeguarding identity and protecting a machine from attacks, it offers just about everything a computer user might need to enjoy peace of mind. Add to this the fact it provides for an easy way to back up important files and it’s clear why Norton 360 is a popular choice.

The Premier Edition might be a more practical option for many considering the amount of automated online backup provided. Since a family photo album stored online can rapidly eat up 2GB of storage, the generous 25 GB offered with Norton 360 Premier Edition just makes more sense for the money. This product is also offered at a fairly low price for a full year of protection on up to three machines.

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Norton 360
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