Game Galaxy Strike

Galaxy Strike is a simple space shooting game where your objective is to blast aliens that appear, collect diamonds through 60 levels and staying alive long enough to save the galaxy! Does it hold your attention long enough… lets find out in the review.

Galaxy Strike is an easy to pick up time-waster space shooter game. Your goal is to basically stay alive by not getting shot by alien invaders and pick up blue diamonds, which boost your single pea-shooter to a triple blaster, through 60 levels of repetitive gameplay. It features Papaya mobile social network, you can match your high scores against friends and others on the network, or choose to check-in to Heyzap to let friends know what game you’re playing. To shoot, you simply tap your ship, and you move by tapping around the screen. If you get hit, you start all over to your unlock point and return to your single pea-shooter.

Now for the gripes… This game is almost pointless as there are no real goals to achieve and it’s awfully repetitive. It truly misses the basic characteristics any game must possess in order to be fun with replay value. I’ve already mentioned the lack of goals, it’s also super easy to play and beat by simply getting one blue diamonds and tapping repeatedly, about a quarter distance to the top and a three-quarters distance to the bottom of your screen to spray a barrage of infinite bullets. This virtually wipes out all aliens that may appear leaving you breezy room to snag an occasional diamond that may float past. Every now and again an enemy may get a shot off but you can easily dodge that. Not to mention when you to tap on the screen your ship just appears there versus flying there, thus, dodging enemy fire is a no-brainer as you can disappear/reappear out of line of fire. Whereas if the ship flew there it could be more challenging as you could possibly be hit. So the game does not have limits on your shooting power which force you to count your shots to really think and play. Lastly, there is not even a Pause or Menu feature to stop the action.

Fun Factor & Addictive:
 Galaxy Strike is fun for all of forty-five seconds until you realize it’s basically the same repetitive gameplay. Especially if you implore my previously mentioned tactics to play. It’s so bad, my personal challenge was to see how many levels I could beat without looking at the screen. This time-waster my friends is not if worth a waste of your time.

 The graphics are good, simple and theming is suitable of the game. However, in all the levels I could bare with there was no change in scenery.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:
 The background music is this funky upbeat primal number that is cool, but you notice the gap in the loop.

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